I know some of you may well be trying to resist the allure of this particular ‘reality’ show, or keeping your obsession on the down low, but let’s be honest with each other ‘ The Only Way is Essex is one of the most enjoyable guilty pleasures going.

Although sexiness is of course a subjective thing I am betting that a large chunk of you find something pretty ‘ooff’ about one of its stars, the tattooed hear-throb that is Mario Falcone. We were pretty chuffed when we saw a picture which captured his toned body as the latest clothes horse to a Cheer Up Clothing tee. Boy did he wear it well! But what made the image even slicker was the fact the financially gifted chap was about to purchase a rather delicious Audi R8. Alright for some! He has since proven his love for Cheer Up by sporting another number in his Twitter profile too.

If you want to copy his star style you can buy the Shapeshifter or Flower Photo shirts :)


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