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How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees – Can You Iron Graphic Tees?

How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees – Can you iron graphic tees?

A lot of people have at least one graphic t-shirt. Others have a few pieces in their closet, and it is pretty easy to fall in love with them. When that happens, you will want your t-shirts to last longer. You will probably be asking: how do you preserve graphic tees?

How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees

Although there are many types of t shirts you can own, it is really important to take proper care of your graphic tees. This post has the answers you are looking for. It will tell you why you should want your tees to last long. You will also get tips on how to preserve your graphic t-shirts. If that sounds like the kind of information you are looking for, keep reading to the end. 

Why care about preserving your graphic tees?

Take a quick look around you. What do you see? You will see garbage everywhere. You will see some old cloth around. It is a world full of waste. It is all because the fashion industry is built around hype. New trends will come and go out of the market in a few days or a month tops. Many

How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees

How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees

manufacturers are using low quality materials and employ inexperienced artisans. The market ends up getting poor quality clothes that will not last a single season. 

Now back to your question, won’t you want to save the world by preserving your tees? You do, and that is why this post is a must-read. 

Tips for preserving graphic t-shirts 

  • Check the instructions on the t-shirt label

After owning one t-shirt, it is easy to assume they are all the same. Far from it, they are different. The care label always gives you washing instructions. Follow them to the last one because they are from someone who knows the tee better than you. 

  • Turn it inside out when you wash

The message or print on your t-shirt is one thing that drove you to buy it. You do not want to lose that connection. If you do, you will no longer wish to wear the tee. Turn the t-shirts inside out before washing. 

  • Cold wash is preferable

They will tell you that cotton t-shirts are resistant to shrinking, but that is not always true. Hot temperatures are harsh both on the fabric and the art on your t-shirt. It is recommendable to use temperatures not beyond 30 degrees Celsius. Moreover, choose your detergents carefully. Anything harsh will accelerate the aging of your favorable tees. 

  • No ironing prints
    How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees

    How Do You Preserve Graphic Tees

There is no point ironing the prints. If you insist, then it must be on a very low setting. But again, this is not something you should be doing on a t-shirt you want to be wearing for many years. If your clothes are shrinking after washing, you could start will put in small loads into the washing machine. See if that helps so that you will not need to iron your t-shirts.


If you have one of our cool graphic tees it is important to know how do you preserve graphic tees so you can continue to style your tees. Hopefully, now you know and the rest is taking care of your favorite clothes. It all begins with how you wash them and taking care of their artworks. 

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