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Top 5 Creative T Shirt Ideas For Your Start-up

Top 5 Creative T Shirt Ideas for Your Start-up

Graphic Tees can be used as a great way to market  your company. In-fact printing messages on T-shirts is so popular that screen printing is close to becoming a $10 billion industry. For your marketing campaign to be effective, however, you need to use creative T-shirt ideas. Read on for our top 5 creative ideas for printing T-shirts for your start-up.

Top 5 Creative T Shirt Ideas for Your Startup

Top 5 Creative T-Shirt Ideas for Your Startup

1. Less Is More

In the process of trying to be different and creative many companies tend to overdo their t-shirt designs. This leads to T-shirts that send a confusing message. Good News Tee recommends instead that companies should keep their designs simple and straightforward.

Convert your company logo into black or white color and print this in a large bold design at the front of the T-shirt. Since you are a start-up it is best to print both the company name and logo so that people can know who you are. A great example of a simple design is this grace shirt.

2. Be Creative With Negative Space

Negative space is the area around your image that has no ink. A creative designer may be able to convey a message using this negative space. This will make your t-shirts a point of focus for curious minds. An example of a negative space used creatively is the FedEx logo.

The space between the Fed and Ex is an arrow that symbolizes their delivery function. Find a creative printer that can have a look at your logo and come up with a way to use negative space.

3. Make People Laugh

Everyone loves to laugh which is why T-shirts with well-placed humor are very successful. Some famous examples of funny shirts are the “if lost return to babe” and “I am babe” couple T-shirts. If you get it right, you will create a T-shirt that customers and employees will love wearing. This will, in turn, lead to increased publicity for your start-up.

4. Do A Full Shirt Print

Improvements in technology mean that you can now print a design on your whole shirt. This is a new innovation and not many people are doing it. Creating such designs will, therefore, make your brand stand out and amaze your clients. Ensure that the design you choose doesn’t overwhelm your logo and that important parts of your message don’t get lost in seams and under the arm. If you decide to sell these shirts ensure that the product photography captures the exquisite design.

Top 5 Creative T Shirt Ideas for Your Startup

Top 5 Creative T-Shirt Ideas for Your Startup

5. Use Eye-Catching Colours

You are printing T-shirts in order to create awareness about your start-up. As such your t-shirts should catch people’s attention. What works best is to use black or white t-shirts as any color can be printed on them. If you choose other short colors, ensure that you choose a contrasting color for the screen-printing ink. Don’t print with dark colors on a dark-colored shirt otherwise, your shirts will make zero impact.

For more tips on screen printing such as how to remove screen printing ink from shirts or how to Preserve the prints on your tee, read the rest of our blog.

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